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Conference Presentations

Xu, J., Veeramani, H., Hochella, M.F. (2014) Biogenic and Abiogenic Sphalerite Nanoparticles: Crystal Structure, Stability, and Reactivity. Goldschmidt Conference, June 14th, 2014.
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Invited Talks

Xu J. Promise of Nanogeoscience Research in Achieving Environmental and Energy Sustainability. College of Science at University of Pennsylvania, Feb 19th, 2016.
Xu J. Think Big, Scrutinize the Small: Molecular-Level Processes at the Mineral-Cell-Water Interface in Geochemical Environment. Department seminar at Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis, Feb 23rd, 2015.
Xu J. The Role of Mg2+ in Controlling the Crystallization and Growth of Ca(-Mg)-CO3 Systems. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, July 8th, 2013.
Xu J. From Pseudomonas to Desulfovibrio: Interplay of Microbes and Nanominerals. The Asian Environmental Sustainability Forum at the University of Hong Kong, 2013.

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