NanoGeoBio Laboratory @ASU

The NanoGeoBio Laboratory is based in LSE S65 at Arizona State University - Tempe campus. We are a microbiology and wet chemistry lab. We have anaerobic chambers and self-assembled purging lines for preparing and culturing anaerobic microbial cultures. We are also equipped with nano-synthesis and characterization tools. 

Eyring Materials Center @ASU (core facility)

John M. Cowley Center for High-Resolution Electron Microscopy is a global leader in high-resolution electron microscopy. This facility houses a dozen electron microscopes that can probe the physical, electronic, and chemical structure of matter on an atomic scale. Instruments and techniques include focused ion beam (FIB) microscopes, electron microprobe, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, scanning transmission electron microscopy, and aberration-corrected electron microscopy. Life Science Electron Microscopy laboratory is located in a purpose-designed suite in the sub-basement of the Life Sciences C-wing building. The entire 1,400-square-foot lab area has a vibration-isolating floor, which is critical for EM analysis. The Interior space consists of five rooms containing microscopes and ultramicrotomes, a preparation lab with fume hoods for chemical procedures and sample processing, and a room that houses a specialized instrument designed for high-pressure freezing of samples at liquid nitrogen temperatures. In addition to the life sciences community, the lab provides services to both on-campus and off-campus researchers from various disciplines that may require EM.

Border Biomedical Research Center @UTEP (core facility and collaborator)

BBRC core facilities comprise a wide range of instruments for biomolecule extraction and analysis, cell screening and imaging, and bioinformatics computing. BBRC Homepage

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