NanoGeoBio Laboratory (UTEP)

The NanoGeoBio Laboratory has been turned into a functional aqueous geochemistry and geomicrobiology laboratory, equipped with an anaerobic chamber, a laminar hood, a shaking incubator, a dual convection incubator, a thermal cycler, a microplate reader, a floor top refrigerated centrifuge, a vacuum oven, a -80°C freezer, an ultrapure water filtration system, purging stations for handling anaerobic cell cultures and samples, and all other basic equipment and supplies. 

Center for Earth & Environmental Isotope Research (UTEP)

CEEIR houses state-of-the-art instruments for isotope studies, including a multi-collector ICPMS, an ICP-OES, and instruments for analyses of light stable isotopes such as hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur. CEEIR Homepage

Border Biomedical Research Center (UTEP)

BBRC core facilities comprise a wide range of instruments for biomolecule extraction and analysis, cell screening and imaging, and bioinformatics computing. BBRC Homepage

National Center for Earth & Environmental Nanotechnology Infrastructure (Virginia Tech)

NCE2NI (NanoEarth) houses multiple state-of-the-art transmission electron microscopes and other characterization tools for nanominerals and geological samples. The NanoGeoBio Laboratory has access to the center through collaborative relationships with the PI and co-PIs. NanoEarth Homepage

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