Opening for PhD student

posted : Jul 26, 2018

Immediate opening for one Ph.D. student to work on relationships between sulfur-metabolizing communities and photosynthetic communities in water-restricted gypsic environments.


Purple sulfur bacteria!

posted : May 01, 2018

Look at their vivid color! Cannot wait to understand them better in the context of a mineral environment! 


More samples from White Sands

posted : Mar 28, 2018

A sampling trip to the White Sands was conducted this March. Except creating more work for ourselves to do, we also had A LOT OF fun with the Patrick's ATV. (Top two photos are courtesy of Dr. Ben Brunner.) 


Welcome to Hugo!

posted : Feb 01, 2018

Welcome to our newest group member, Hugo!


New rounds of exploration in the White Sands!

posted : Jan 19, 2018

We have completed our preliminary surveying of the White Sands National Monument regarding the groundwater tables and sampling sites. 


Welcome to Dr. Mansor, Rocio and Brandon!

posted : Aug 01, 2017

Our newest members Dr. Muammar Mansor, Rocio Rojos, and Brandon Lajoie will make our team stronger than ever! Big welcomes!


Sulfate-Reducers Successfully Cultured

posted : Jun 01, 2017

Ezequiel has successfully cultured sulfate-reducers, Desulfovibrio vulgaris and D. desulfuricans. Now we have these bacterial strains happily growing in the NanoGeoBIo lab!


2017 Geological Sciences Colloquium at UTEP

posted : Mar 02, 2017

Ezequiel and Matt presented posters at the 2017 Geological Sciences Colloquium. 


Openings for motivated students

posted : Feb 06, 2017

The NanoGeoBio Laboratory has openings for motivated graduate and undergraduate students. Please contact the PI directly regarding these positions. 


New member!

posted : Jan 17, 2017

Welcome to our newest group member, Ezequiel!


Microbial crusts in gypsum deserts

posted : Oct 18, 2016

Jie and Rip (Dr. Langford) were looking for microbial crusts in the White Sands National Monuments, New Mexico.

The Earth Science week

posted : Oct 15, 2016

Jie introduced the concept of nanogeoscience to hundreds of K-12 students during the Earth Science week. This event also featured the application of 3-D printing and drones in geoscience research. 


A new chapter!

posted : Sep 01, 2016

Jie joined the Department of Geological Sciences as an assistant professor. 

Jie's profile at the departmental webpage

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