Principal Faculty Members

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Jie Xu (Gail) Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
319 Geological Sciences

Jie is an interdisciplinary scientist aiming to understand the smallest components of Earth and their biogeochemical roles; she is also a passionate educator trying to make science education attractive and thought-provoking. Jie got her doctoral degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2011. 

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Postdoctoral Scientists

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Muammar Mansor Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
320C Geological Sciences

Muammar will join the lab this coming fall. He obtained his Ph.D. (specialized in Isotopic Geochemistry and Geomicrobiology) from Penn State, 2017. Muammar will focus on advancing our understanding regarding biogenic versus abiogenic metal-sulfide nanocrystals. He will also be involved in other key projects in the NanoGeoBio lab. 

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Graduate Students

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Matthew Costa
Masters Student

Co-advised by Lin and Jie. Matt studies the trace metal behavior in the nanoscale components of coal fly ashes using electron microscopy and isotopic analyses.

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Brandon Lajoie nan
Masters Student

Brandon is joining us as a Masters student this coming fall. He will work on purple sulfur bacteria and their interactions with sulfate-reducers in complex environmental conditions. 

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Ezequiel Moreno
Masters Student

Born and raised in Mexico, Ezequiel moved to the United States just in time for high school, where his passion for the earth sciences flourished. He is working on capturing the transformation of biogenic versus abiogenic iron-sulfide nanoparticles in their aqueous environments.

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Undergraduate Students

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Rocio Rojas
Undergraduate Student

Rocio is culturing purple sulfur bacteria and is interested in extracting bacterial DNA from environmental samples.

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